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As a biopharmaceutical company, our team of dedicated individuals is focused on discovering and developing innovative antibody-based therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, as well as various autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases. Our core scientific expertise is in the field of protein engineering and our product candidates have been created primarily through our proprietary protein engineering platforms, including our DART® bispecific and Fc Optimization platforms. These platforms are generally focused on the creation of antibodies, antibody derivatives, and antibody-like molecules for use as therapeutic agents. Our product candidates and platforms have attracted multiple partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the globe.

Two of our product candidates were developed using our proprietary Fc Optimization platform, including margetuximab, an anti-HER2 antibody that we are evaluating in a Phase 3 clinical trial in patients with metastatic breast cancer, and enoblituzumab, an anti-B7-H3 antibody that we believe has the potential for broad impact across a variety of different tumor types through multiple potential mechanisms of action. In addition, we have created a number of product candidates based on our proprietary DART platform and now have several of these in human clinical development.

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