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We have developed proprietary technology platforms that we use to generate our next-generation, antibody-based product candidates. Combining these platforms with the Company’s protein engineering expertise has enabled us to build a proprietary pipeline of innovative product candidates across multiple therapeutic areas for multiple indications.

Our technology platforms include:

DART® and Trident™ Multi-Specific Platforms

We have developed multi-specific antibody-based platforms to create bispecific Dual-Affinity Re-Targeting, or DART, molecules and trispecific Trident molecules. These platforms enable the creation of potential medicines comprised of a single molecule designed to simultaneously bind to two or more targets, each with antibody-like specificity, with the goal of creating a more significant biological effect than binding any one of the targets as with an antibody or even two or more of them separately as a combination. The versatility of these multi-specific platforms allows for the generation of antibody-based molecules with a variety of intended mechanisms of action. Today, five DART product candidates are being evaluated in clinical studies, with several additional multi-specific product candidates in discovery and pre-clinical development.

Our Trident platform — introduced at our 2015 R&D Day — reflects the continuing evolution of the expertise we developed in creating our multi-specific platform. The inclusion of a third specificity in an Ig-like format allows for a much broader range of mechanism of action than bispecific targeting and can be used for a variety of different applications. (Learn More: DART and Trident Platforms)

Fc Optimization Platform

We have applied our antibody engineering expertise to develop a powerful platform for optimizing monoclonal antibodies. By introducing certain mutations into the Fc domain of an antibody, we are able to modulate antibody interactions with effector cells, in turn activating the body’s immune system. Two of our clinical product candidates, margetuximab and enoblituzumab, have been designed using our Fc Optimization platform. (Learn More: Fc Optimization Platform)

Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) Platform

The cancer stem cell (CSC) hypothesis suggests that tumors are composed of heterogeneous cell types and the CSC populations are the fundamental drivers of cancer growth and metastasis. Using proprietary cell culturing techniques, MacroGenics has developed a platform for product and target discovery that includes an extensive portfolio of tissue stem cells and CSCs as well as a significant library of purified and highly characterized antibodies, some of which have been instrumental in the advancement of our pipeline. (Learn More: Cancer Stem Cell Platform)

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