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MGD013 is intended to enable co-blockade of two immune checkpoint molecules co-expressed on T cells, PD-1 and LAG-3, with a single agent. MGD013 is a Dual-Affinity Re-Targeting, or DART®, molecule that recognizes both PD-1 and LAG-3 on T cells and has a prolonged serum half-life. We anticipate that MGD013 could be used for the treatment of a wide range of cancers, including both solid tumors and hematological malignancies. MGD013 is the first in a series of pre-clinical product candidates that recognize multiple immune regulator targets. A Phase 1 dose escalation study of MGD013 is ongoing.

Pre-Clinical Development

At its 2015 R&D Day, MacroGenics highlighted pre-clinical data showing that the co-blockade of PD-1 and LAG-3 via a PD-1 x LAG-3 DART molecule significantly enhanced T-cell response in a checkpoint inhibition assay as compared to each of the benchmark antibodies either individually or in combination.

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